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February 27, 2018

How To Design The Ultimate Man Cave Bar

Every man dreams of having a man cave, and no man cave is complete without a bar. The bar forms the centerpiece of the man cave, and is often the ultimate way to express yourself within the space you have carved out for yourself.

Having a stylish and functional bar in your man cave is more than just a nice touch. It is the area you can relax in, either by yourself or with your friends. Whether it be shooting the breeze or talking seriously about life goals and problems, your man cave bar can be your sanctuary and haven.

Designing and building a functional and comfortable man cave bar takes some forethought.

Location and Basic Layout

Chances are, the best place for a man cave is somewhere in the house that’s underutilized, a place that would otherwise become a dumping ground for unused stuff. Most likely, that’s going to either be the basement or the garage.

A couple of things to consider about either location: If you are going to set up your man cave in the basement, make sure to soundproof with fiberglass between wall studs. You want your man cave to be a private place within the house. If you are setting up in the garage, make sure you invest in some heavy throw rugs to combat the chill of a garage floor.

Once you have picked a spot, you are going to want to choose a dominant theme or look for the room. That can be sports-themed, a modern look, a rustic or outdoors feel, or anything that expresses your personality.

Man Cave Bar Features

The centerpiece of any man cave is the bar. Designing and building a functional and comfortable man cave bar takes some forethought.

The first thing to decide on is the size of your bar. This article can help you determine the best sized bar for your space. Consider how many people you are hoping to accommodate at your bar, and calculate how many bar stools you can fit in that space.

When it comes to the bar top, you will have to decide whether to go wood or some other surface. Wood is the most common bar top choice, and will give your bar a classic feel. Alternatively, you can go for a more modern look and install a metallic bar top, or even go with concrete, granite or quartz.

A high-class man cave bar should have stylish foot rails. ESP Metal Products offers foot rails in a large variety of finishes, including antique or polished copper, brass, nickel and bronze. These colors and finishes should compliment your man cave theme or color scheme.

Another especially nice touch is an overhead glass rack. Glass racks are great space-savers and give your bar that professional feel. The fabricators at ESP Metal Products can design and produce the overhead glass rack that best suits your bar. As with the foot rails we carry, our glass racks are available in a wide range of finishes and styles.

Technical Considerations

In setting up your man cave, you will need to make sure you can support all of the components you want to include. First of all, if you plan on using anything connected to the internet, make sure your Wi-Fi signal reaches to the basement, garage or chosen location. If not, try to reposition your router closer to your man cave or invest in a Wi-Fi extender.

You will also need to ensure that you have the proper wiring for any and all electronic devices. This includes TVs, home theater, gaming devices, sound systems and any fancy lighting. If you are installing a refrigerator or freezer, that will need to be supported as well. Man caves can be pretty power intensive, so make sure your home can handle the voltage requirements. If you are installing a wet bar, you will need to work with a plumber to install the necessary plumbing mechanisms.

Above all, make sure the design of your man cave suits your needs. It should be relaxing and fun, and place where you and your friends feel comfortable just being guys. Let your personality and taste guide your design decisions. Contact ESP Metal Products for a custom design quote.

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