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If You Can Imagine It... ESP Can Build It

Bar foot rails, food shields and sneeze guards, glass racks, railings... if you're looking for custom designed hospitality products for your restaurant, hotel, bar, or home, look to ESP to fabricate what you need. We can custom bend your foot rails or design any food shield to any bar or counter configuration imaginable, because we have been expertly bending and mitering tubing for almost 50 years.

Custom Foot Rails

Looking for a unique bar foot rail design to fit your style and taste? in order for ESP to fabricate your custom bar foot rail is either an architectural plan drawing with bar face radius measurements or in most cases a simple paper template of the bar face. We try to cut the foot rails so they are easily shipped via UPS. If not, they ship via Motor Freight and additional packaging and shipping applies. Again, all of our custom finishes apply.

Custom Food Shields & Sneeze Guards

Our entire line of food shield posts can be custom fabricated to any configuration or size. Although an architectural plan of the area is always helpful, we typically only need a handful of measurements and a few other questions answered to create your custom food shield or sneeze guard.

Our food shields can all be fabricated to accommodate both 1/4” and 3/8” thick glass and 1 1/2” and 2” tube. Optional mounting options include either flange mounted or an under the counter - concealed - mount. Side glass, which is needed when the unit ends on an open side where food is open to foot traffic, is another custom fabrication we can add to our posts.

The cost to custom fabricate our food shield posts is not much more than our stock posts since we manufacture most of our products on a per order basis and usually require only additional material to “customize” posts. We can even fabricate all-welded complete units that are ready to install without assembly.

Yes, We Can Do Custom Glass Racks Too!

Glass Racks can be any reasonable length and width and the stemware rods that hold the glassware can be fabricated to any depth required. Post height is determined by measuring 82” from the floor to the bottom of the stemware on the unit for either ceiling hung or counter mounted units. Custom glass racks can be fabricated in an all-welded design, requiring the same packaging and shipping as our all welded food shield units, and all of our custom finishes apply.

Custom Bends & Mitres - ESP Metal Products & Crafts

Custom Bends & Mitres

We can custom bend and mitre tubing for your foot rail, food shield, sneeze guard, or railings to any bar or counter configuration imaginable. We have been expertly bending and mitering tubing for almost 50 years!

Dozens of Finishes - ESP Metal Products & Crafts

Dozens of Finishes

ESP offers the widest choice of finishes in the industry, including our exclusive satin, polished and antique copper, antique brass, bronze or nickel, oil rubbed bronze and over 22 powder-coated color finishes!

Lights & Heat Lamps - ESP Metal Products & Crafts

Lights & Heat Lamps

We can customize your food shields and sneeze guards with LED lighting, standard lighting, as well as heat lamps can be accommodated and installed by our experts in many of our food shield and sneeze guard units.

The ESP Quote Wizard - ESP Metal Products & Crafts

The ESP Quote Wizard

Almost all of the products in our store can be customized to any finish, height, style, and other configurations using our Quote Wizard. Just click the "Customize" button on any product page and we'll get you a quote!