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​Select your construction type, finish, counter configuration, and other options. Once submitted, ESP will get back to you with a quote for your exact specifications within 1-2 business days. For design ideas, visit our Partitions Gallery. Submission of this form is for quote purposes only and does not constitute a sale.

Choose A Post Style
1 1/2 in. Square Flat
1 1/2 in. Square Pyramid
1 1/2 in. Round Flat
2 in. Round Flat
1 1/2 in. Round Dome
2 in. Round Dome
1 1/2 in. Round Ball
2 in. Round Ball
Choose A Finish
Polished Brass Finish
Coated Polished Brass
Satin Stainless
Polished Stainless
Antique Nickel
Antique Brass
Antique Bronze
Antique Copper
Satin Copper
Polished Copper
Oil Rubbed Bronze
RAL Powdercoat
Choose A Counter Configuration
Straight Run Counter
Single 90º Counter
Single 45º Counter
Double 90º Counter
Double 45º Counter
45º/90º Combo Counter
Octogonal Counter

Side Measurements (inches)


Describe the approximate dimensions or radius measurements of your counter and/or upload a sketch or blueprint of your counter.

(jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, xls) 6MB File Size Limit

Glass Options

Select your glass thickness (post channels will be fabricated to fit the glass thickness you select).


Select the height of the glass panels your partition posts will need to hold:


Would you like us to supply all of the glass?

Glass Type

Only choose a glass type if you chose "Yes" to the option above that ESP is supplying all of the glass. Etched glass costs will be estimated until ESP is provided with artwork showing the specific logo or pattern to be etched into the glass. Textured glass includes a variety of options whose cost will be estimated until ESP is provided with the specific product option of your choice. ESP has access to a wide variety of glass vendors and product options.

Clear (Regular Glass)
Frosted (Acid Etched)
Gray Tinted
Bronze Tinted
Etched (Logo or Pattern)

 Other. Please describe the type of glass you would like, or give us other special instructions related to the glass you want.

Other Custom Options

Is there anything else we need to know?

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