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March 06, 2018

The Ultimate Spirit Glass Guide

A bar set cannot be considered fully complete if it lacks the glasses needed to serve a variety of spirits. You can complete your own set by including these bar glasses for spirit in your establishment.


The absinthe glass features a vintage design and a decorative base. It can be used exclusively for serving absinthe and drinks made with absinthe. Its size ensures the proper measuring of this spirit.

Brandy snifter:

The tapered curve of the snifter glass is designed to capture and boost the flavor and aroma of the brandy. The wide mouth and bulbous body of the glass make it easy to pour into and comfortable to hold in the hand. It is held by the bowl to help keep the drink warm.


The Collins glass is a tall and narrow version of the highball glass and is served primarily for serving the Tom Collins cocktail. However, it can also be used to fizzes and other drinks.


The cordial glass has small and narrow dimensions that concentrate the aroma of the spirit it contains. It is ideal for serving cordials like amaretto and Grand Marnier.


The cosmopolitan glass features an elegant design with a wide mouth and narrow base. It resembles a martini glass that lacks a stem. Its narrow base highlights the color of the drink served in it and brings the aroma and flavors to the top of the glass.


The coupe glass has a wide shallow bowl and a long stem that prevents the drinker’s hand from warming the contents of the glass. It was designed for champagne. However, it is also used for mixed drinks like daiquiris, side cars, and Manhattans.

Glencairn Whiskey:

Designed by five of the top whiskey companies in Scotland, the Glencairn glass was created specifically for whiskey drinkers. Its shape replicates the conventional nosing glasses used by master whiskey blenders.


The highball glass is a tall 12 ounce tumbler. It is ideal for using for drinks that combine a variety of spirits and mixers. Hurricane: The hurricane glass has a distinct hurricane lamp design, hence its name. Its unique contour makes it one of the more interesting glasses in the bar collection. It is used for serving tropical spirit drinks.

Irish coffee:

The Irish coffee glass is a heat resistant glass that is used to serve hot drinks like Irish coffees and hot toddies. The ideal Irish coffee glass should have a sturdy handle that customers can hold onto securely while sipping their drinks comfortably.


The margarita glass has a wide shallow bowl and long stem. The rim of the glass can be dipped in salt or sugar to add a festive look and an element of flavor to the margarita drink.


Another tall glass with a long stem, the martini glass is used not only for martinis but also chilled drinks like Manhattans and cosmopolitans. The long stem helps customers keep their hands away from spirit in the glass, which could cause the drink to warm.

Mint Julep cup:

The mint julep cup is a unique glass that is capable of forming a frost on its outside as it holds the drink. It is used for serving mint juleps, a drink that derives from the Deep South and is served every year at the Kentucky Derby. It can also be used for serving any drink made with crushed or shaved ice.

Moscow Mule mug:

The Moscow mule mug is a copper mug that absorbs the chill of the drink. This unique function keeps the drink cold. The copper of the mug also enhances the flavor and texture of the drink. It is often used for serving vodka and ginger beer.


The neat glass is a tulip-shaped glass that is used for serving drinks without ice. Its large surface allows for evaporation of the spirit while the overall shape of the glass enhances the aroma of the drink.

Nick & Nora:

The Nick & Nora glass is named after the husband and wife team in the 1934 movie The Thin Man. It has a deep bowl and long stem and is more stable than a martini glass. It is used for serving gimlets, martinis, and drinks that are served without ice.

Poco Grande:

Similar to the hurricane glass, the smaller volume of the poco grande limits the amount of alcohol it can hold. The long stem is designed to keep your beverage chilled, as your fingers and hand avoid contact with the tulip-shaped body of the glass.

Pousse Café:

This tall, narrow glass was created especially to hold the layered Pousse Café drink. The colorful liquors are poured on top of each other, creating an aesthetically pleasing and delicious concoction.


The rocks glass is also called the lowball or the old-fashioned glass. It is a small glass with a wide mouth that lets spirits breathe. Its size can hold one shot as well as one or two ice cubes.


The shot glass holds one serving of straight liquor. It can also be used for measuring liquor for mixed drinks.


The shooter is a tall shot glass. It is used for shots of mixed spirits. Tiki Mug: The tiki mug is a short, stout mug made to look like a tiki statue. It is used to serve tropical drinks like mai tais, painkillers, and scorpions.

Whiskey sour:

The whiskey sour glass is used to serve drinks with base spirits like whiskey and amaretto sours. It is a shorter version of a wine glass. This glass is also referred to as an ‘Old Fashioned’ glass.


The zombie glass is a 14 ounce, eight inch tall glass. It is used to serve zombies and other mixed drinks.

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