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May 02, 2019

TVs in your Restaurant and Bars

The addition of televisions in your restaurant and bar can increase customer satisfaction and bring in more money to your business.

Great food and drinks are not necessarily enough to draw in customers. If your bar or restaurant does not have TVs for patrons to watch, you could lose business to your competition.

Before you install TVs in your Long Island or Manhattan establishment, you might want to consider if it’s worth the cost.

The Case for Installing TVs in Your Bar

Owners of Long Island bars and restaurants like you may wonder why you should install TVs for your customers to watch. After all, are they not there primarily for the food and drinks? Would TVs really be worth the cost and time that it takes to install them?

Studies have shown that bars and eateries that have TVs installed in them typically do better than establishments that do not have televisions for customers to watch. A recent study indicated that 82 percent of those surveyed preferred to watch TV between 6:00pm and 9:00pm on weeknights. Half of those surveyed said they like to watch TV with a group of friends or family members.

Further, thirty one percent of people surveyed specifically said they would watch their favorite programs in bars or restaurants where TVs were available. Forty two percent said they liked to watch TV while drinking alcohol or eating a meal.

Given this information, it would seem logical that the best way to draw more people to your New York metro bar or restaurant would be to make TVs available to your patrons. Having several televisions installed throughout the place could lead to an increase in customers and revenue for your business.

Where and How to Place TVs in Your Bar

Once you decide to put in several new TVs in your establishment, you’ll need to know where to place them. You also may wonder what size TVs to invest in.

It would make sense that you want the TVs to be large enough for patrons to see from the bar and tables throughout your restaurant. In this case, a 50 or 55-inch television might suffice for this purpose. This size of a TV is large enough to be seen from tens of feet away from where it is hung on the wall. However, it is not so large that it overtakes the entire wall and sticks out from the rest of the decor in your business.

When it comes to determining the height at which to install them, you want them to be at minimum 90 inches from the finished floor. This height allows them to be seen above the heads of patrons at the bar and customers at the tables. People will not have to strain or stand up to see what is showing on the TV.

Finally, you might wonder what kind of programming to air on the TVs in your bar or eatery. The programs you show should reflect your target audience for your business. If you are running a sports bar, you might want to air everything from the NBA finals to the World Cup or Super Bowl. You also may want to air local sports games and college matches for your patrons to watch.

Special programs like awards ceremonies also may be a draw for your customers. You can broadcast shows like the Grammys or Oscar awards and pair them with a theme night to bring in more customers.

The addition of televisions in your establishment can increase customer satisfaction and bring in more money to your business. You want your TVs to be installed in a way that makes them easily viewed by your customers. You also want to carefully select programming that will appeal to your clientele and keep customers coming back to your business.

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