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June 19, 2018

Opening a Pizzeria? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Opening and running a successful pizzeria requires more than just knowing how to heat up a pizza in an oven. To ensure your restaurant’s success, you need to plan for its grand opening weeks if not months in advance. These important tips can be critical to opening a pizzeria that will be a success with your customers.

Your pizzeria should ideally be unique to the neighborhood and not surrounded by other pizza restaurants.

Perfect Your Pizza Recipes

When it comes to running a successful pizzeria, you need your pizzas to stand apart from those made and sold by the competition. Your pizzas should be so delicious and tempting that they bring your customers coming back to your restaurant day after day.

With that, you need to think about what types of pizzas you want to sell and then perfect their recipes. You may need to try several different recipes for each type of pizza before you find one that will be a hit with your customers. Once you have the recipes perfected, you are one step closer to opening a successful pizzeria.

Create Your Menu

The next step in opening a successful pizzeria involves creating a menu. Most pizzerias sell more than just pizzas. Your menu may include side items like bread sticks and salad. You also may even sell beer or other alcoholic beverages, which may require you to obtain a liquor license from the state before you can open your restaurant’s doors.

Creating a successful menu may be a process of trial and error. If you are not sure of what menu items you should or could offer, you can visit other pizzerias in the area and get a feel for how they do business. You can then decide what items to offer at your own pizzeria and what ones may best be left off of the menu.

Invest in Pizzeria Equipment

Your next task should be to either lease or buy the kitchen equipment with which you will create your menu items. Some of the equipment you may need to invest in include:

  • ovens, including brick, convective, deck, conveyor, or impinger ovens
  • a dough mixer
  • reach-in refrigerators
  • walk-in freezers
  • work and prep tables
  • pans and utensils
  • cabinets

You also will need to invest in display cases in which to put the baked pizzas before you serve them. You can choose from a number of different display case models made by ESP Metal Products and Crafts that will more than serve the purpose of your restaurant.

Choose Your Location

You then need to find a location for your pizzeria. When you shop around for commercial spaces to lease or buy, you should keep in mind how visible it is and how accessible it is to the public.

You want it to be someplace that is easy to walk or drive to and also have plenty of parking spaces for customers. Your pizzeria should ideally be unique to the neighborhood and not surrounded by other pizza restaurants.

Set Up and Design the Interior

After you sign the lease or mortgage papers, it is time to set up the inside of your pizzeria. You need the interior space to offer plenty of walking room for customers. The counter where they place and pick up their orders should be clearly visible from the door.

You also want an open space to the dining area and to the restrooms. If you plan on adding a bar, you may want to think about its placement as well. Do you want it to be close to the kitchen or located more in the dining area? The placement of these fixtures can make or break your restaurant’s success.

Hire Reliable Staff

Finally, you need to hire staff you can rely on to show up for work each day. The cooks, wait staff, and others need to be hard workers who will care about the success of your restaurant as much as you do. You may prefer to hire staff who are already experienced in the pizzeria industry. Alternatively, you can hire novices whom you can train yourself.

These tips can help you open and operate a successful pizzeria. They allow you to customize the restaurant to your liking and make it appealing to your targeted audience.

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