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February 26, 2019

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Bar Trivia Night

    Trivia nights are popular with people looking for something fun to take part in at their favorite bars.

    When you want to increase customer traffic to your bar, you need to come up with a unique idea that is unlike anything used by your competition. It also must be appealing to your targeted audience and something you can reasonably pull off without spending a lot of money. A trivia night could be your answer to appealing to a broader audience while boosting your bar’s business. You can host one of these festive competitions by incorporating these simple yet lucrative ideas to draw in paying customers.

    Use a Specific Theme

    Rather than throw out random questions to your customers, you can put together a more cohesive and fun trivia night by following a specific theme. All of the questions asked could be from a certain decade or holiday, for example. This theme allows customers to focus their thoughts on it and get in a more competitive frame of mind.

    You can even tailor drinks from the bar around the theme you choose for the night. For example, if your theme revolves around the 80s, you could serve drinks that were popular from that decade or named after famous celebrities from that time. Theme trivia nights tend to be more popular with patrons and can bring in a larger audience.

    Promote the Prizes

    What would a trivia competition be without some sort of prize to be won at the end of the night? The prize awarded by your business should be more than just the experience of competing in and winning a trivia night. It should also be something tangible that the winner can take home or cash in to enjoy.

    You can get a crowded house during the competition by giving out prizes like a rotating trophy, oversized necklace, championship belt, or even a gift card to the winner. Along with bragging rights, the winner gets something for which he or she may actually enjoy competing.

    You can also draw in a big crowd by remembering to give out something to the runner-up of the competition. A consolation prize like a two-for-one appetizer or a free pitcher of beer could keep people engaged in the competition during the night and also keep people coming back to win one of the two top prizes.

    Choose Audience-Appropriate Questions

    Before you search Google for trivia questions to ask your audience, you want to think about the people you expect to compete in the competition. If you are expecting mainly millennials and twenty-somethings to attend, you do not want to ask them a bunch of questions about old TV shows or bygone sports stars, for example. You want to target the questions toward their generation and things they actually know.

    You could also tailor the questions to the local area. Asking about favorite local sports teams or area history may go over better than random questions found on Google. Customers will feel smarter and more competitive and will be more likely to keep coming back to compete every week.

    Use an In-house Personality

    When it comes to finding a host to head up the competition, you may find it best to use an in-house personality rather than a professional. Professional hosts typically make the rounds at numerous venues across the area. People who are fans of these personalities are likely to go to each venue to compete rather than favor your establishment alone.

    To keep the crowd at your place, you can instead use an in-house personality. A bartender who is popular with customers, a hostess with a big personality, or even a manger who is well-known to the crowd could keep the competition going and also provide enough entertainment to keep patrons coming back every week.

    Trivia nights are popular with people looking for something fun to take part in at their favorite bars. You could attract a bigger crowd and keep customers coming back by hosting one of these competitions on a regular basis. By using these simple yet profitable ideas, your establishment’s trivia competitions could be among the most popular in your area.

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