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June 26, 2018

Bar Marketing & Promotion Ideas That Really Work

The manner in which you promote your bar influences how popular and successful it is in the local market. When you want to bring in as many customers as possible, it is critical that you use smart and effective ways to make your bar look and function better than your competition. You can own and operate a bar that is profitable and successful by using these marketing and promotion ideas that really work.

One of the best ways to promote your bar and get its name out in the community is to sponsor local events.

Overhaul Your Decor and Layout

You do not have to spend a ton of money on fancy decorations to make your bar more appealing. In fact, you can increase its popularity with your customers by making sure the décor and layout cater to the people who walk through your door everyday.

The decorations you use should reflect the type of establishment you are running. It should include clear and colorful signage of your menu or drink specials as well as details about Happy Hour if applicable.

When it comes to the layout of your bar, you want it to accommodate all types of patrons. It should be wheelchair-accessible and perhaps even have a smoking area.

You may also want to create an outdoor area where customers can go to drink and eat when the weather is nice. You can top off the layout and décor by offering free WiFi to your customers.

Establish and Maintain an Online Presence

With more people than ever using smartphones, many customers now check out a bar’s online presence before deciding whether or not to go there. You want your bar to be easily found in local search results. You should make sure it can be found easily on Google Maps and on local websites like Yelp and Zomato.

Another great way to keep an online presence is to create and maintain social media accounts for your bar. Create a Facebook or Instagram account where customers can engage you and also upload photos and comments of their own. Pay attention to these social networking interactions and respond to them in a positive manner. Social networking is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to keep an online presence for your bar.

Reward Repeat Business

As a bar owner, you will find that your repeat customers make up a bulk of the profits you bring in on a weekly or monthly basis. You need these patrons coming back and spending money in your place. As such, you should never take them for granted and instead reward them for choosing your bar over your competition.

One of the best ways to reward repeat customers is to invite them to make suggestions about the menu or perhaps name a special drink. You can also hold wine tastings for specially invited guests or support one of their favorite charities. You should listen to and take guidance from them in how you can make your bar even better not only for them but also for new customers who walk through your door.

Get Involved Locally

Finally, one of the best ways to promote your bar and get its name out in the community is to sponsor local events. You can even offer up your bar as a venue for fundraisers or groups like book clubs or parents’ organizations. This local involvement will garner trust in your bar and empathy with your brand name.

Make sure you choose events and causes that are important to your customer base, however. You want this local involvement to reap big dividends for your bar by bringing back repeat business and inviting new customers to check out your establishment. Again, the best way to choose what events to sponsor or host would be to listen to your customers.

These simple yet effective marketing and promotion ideas can put your bar ahead of your competition in the local market. They are not time consuming or expensive. They can pay off big by bringing in repeat business and enticing new patrons to come check out your bar.

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