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December 04, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide For Professional Bartenders

Professional bartenders use a host of resources, utensils, and ingredients when concocting the perfect drinks for patrons. While some bartenders use whatever tools are on hand at the bar or restaurant where they work, most prefer to use their own bartending items. You can give him or her any of these top 2018 gifts for professional bartenders.

Surprise the bartenders in your life this year by giving these 2018 top holiday gifts for professional bartenders.


A muddler or a muddling stick is a gift that is highly prized by most professional bartenders. In fact, many of them have more than one favorite muddler. They use this device to create mojitos and old-fashioneds for customers at their establishments.

However, muddlers have relatively short lives and can be worn out quickly from overuse. Fortunately, these handheld devices are inexpensive and easily found in most kitchen and restaurant supply shops as well as online. Most muddlers sell for less than $20.

Professional Bar Tools Roll Set

For the bartender who works in more than one location during the week, a professional bar tools roll set can be an invaluable gift to receive. The typical bar tools roll set comes with everything a bartender would need to use during a shift. It can include items like a cocktail shaker set, muddler, strainer spoon, jigger, and bar blade.

The toolset allows a professional bartender to securely transport all of his or her tools and utensils from one work location to the next. The items in it can be used for primary purposes or serve as replacements for the bartender’s existing favorite bartending resources. A bar roll toolset can be a vital and much-appreciated present for the traveling

Perlini System

For professional bartenders who want to up their cocktail game, a Perlini system can be the perfect gift to receive. This system allows bartenders to add carbonation to ordinary cocktails. The result is a sparkling and lively drink that will delight even the finickiest of bar patrons.

Given the price tag for a Perlini system, this gift might best be given to a serious mixologist who will appreciate for its design and function. You can find a Perlini system for sale online. It comes with a rubberized over-molded cap, a valve, one filling disk, and a two-part body that separates in the middle. It also has a non-slip foot for safe, convenient, and easy use.

Icebirg Press

In the bartending game, presentation is everything when it comes to satisfying customers. People want to enjoy drinks that not only taste good but also look amazing. You can help the bartender in your life “up” his or her drink presentation by surprising this individual with an Icebirg press. This press allows bartenders to create ice balls up to 2.5 inches in diameter. It eliminates the need to carve ice balls by hand. It also is a lot less expensive than a Clinebell ice ball machine, which can sell for upwards of $3000.

The Canon Cocktail Book by Jamie Boudreau

Bartenders who are serious about their careers understand the importance of continued learning. They search for knowledge and training that will make them a better professional bartender. To help the bartender in your circle of friends or family be the best in the business, you can give this person The Canon Cocktail Book by Jamie Boudreau. This book gives details about how to run a successful bar. It also gives an up-close look into the secrets of bartending and building a successful bartending career as well as cocktail recipes that bartenders can incorporate into their own establishments.

Sous Vide Machine

Sous vide machines are becoming more commonplace not only in restaurants but also cocktail bars. These machines are used to extract flavor from ingredients and infuse liquids into drinks. Drinks made with sous vide machines often taste fresher and purer than those made through other bartending methods.

A sous vide machine can be used to make a host of cocktails and drinks including cordials, syrups, and oleo-saccharums. The drinks can often be made in minutes rather than having to wait weeks or months for the flavors to infuse all the way into spirits or liquids.


The centrifuge device known as Spinzall is a must-have for any professional bartender. This new invention is designed exclusively for culinary and bartending uses. It is used to make flavored oils, butter, and cold brew coffee. It is also used to meld fruit into spirits.

A professional bartender who receives a Spinzall as a gift will have the innovative tool needed to fat wash, clarify, and blend ingredients
before making cocktails. This device is less expensive than a clunky, huge, traditional centrifuge that is used in a laboratory or industrial kitchen.

Shopping for the professional bartender in your life no longer has to be an inconvenience or hassle. You can surprise this person by giving any of these professional bartending gifts for 2018.

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