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January 30, 2018

Pizza Display Options For Pizzerias

Pizzeria owners and managers are responsible for making all of the decisions regarding the design, set-up and equipment in their restaurants. And while the walls can always be re-painted and the tablecloths can easily be switched out, some decisions are essential to the success of the business. When a hungry family walks into your store, their eyes should be instantly drawn to the delicious, fresh selection of pizza you have on display. First impressions are so important, and can often be the difference in securing a long-standing patron or a one-time customer.

The sneeze guard display that you purchase for your pizza restaurant is one of, if not the most, important elements that you will choose for your establishment. A professionally-crafted and properly-sized display case provides an immediate statement about the quality of the products you serve.

Choosing an all-welded, professionally-manufactured food shield is a necessary investment for your pizzeria.

Sneeze Guard Designs

Commercial pizzeria display cases come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, as well as a selection of available upgrades. Staff service food shields typically come with one, two, or three shelves. The shelves are most commonly made of glass, as it offers the most pleasing aesthetic and an unfettered view of the pizza. Glass is also easy to clean and maintain. ESP Metal Products offers two different thickness options for glass shelves, ¼” and 3/8”.

The posts that provide the structure for the pizza display case can be fabricated from a multitude of different metals. Some of the most common finishes are polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, polished brass, coated polished brass, and oil-rubbed bronze. ESP Metal Products also offers antique nickel, antique brass, antique bronze, antique copper, satin copper, and polished copper finishes. The metal can also be custom color powder coated to match your restaurant’s color scheme.

Food shield posts can be straight or angled, depending on your preference. The metal posts are available in 1 ½” round and 2” round diameters, and in 1 ½” square posts. ESP Metal Products can fabricate your pizza food shield to virtually any size and counter configuration.

Custom Options

A well-lit display case is crucial for showcasing your food. Your staff invests their time and energy to create delectable pizzas, wraps, and calzones. Their efforts should be put on view in the best possible light (pun intended). ESP Metal Products offers the option to include LED lighting in all of the commercial display cases it manufactures. LED lights provide effective illumination in a stylish design to always keep the focus on the food.

Heat Lamps are another custom sneeze guard display option. Adding a heat lamp to your pizza food shield helps hold your foods temperature without drying out or continuing to cook it. ESP Metal Products installs premiere quality heat lamps, which offer the ultimate in design and performance. Each pizza warmer heating component is wired through the sneeze guard display post and securely mounted with hidden fasteners. They are inconspicuous and easy to clean.

Avoiding Portable Display Cases

Nothing turns a customer away faster than a cheap-looking, poorly-made pizza display case. Shelf-heaters or portable pizza warmers may be acceptable in quick-serve establishments, delis, cafeterias, and convenience stores that sell small amounts of food. They are a definite no-no for legitimate pizzeria restaurants. Besides being visually offensive, they are notorious for drying out food.

Choosing an all-welded, professionally-manufactured food shield is a necessary investment for your pizzeria. These permanent fixtures are designed to withstand the demands of a commercial establishment and can last anywhere from 10 to 15 times longer than their portable, cheap alternatives.

All of the pizza display case components fabricated by ESP Metal Products are custom made to order. The posts can be purchased in a variety of model styles, or can be designed to meet your specific taste and needs. The installers at ESP are highly trained and are available to install your sneeze guard food display. If you prefer, ESP will provide the necessary installation instructions for your contractor. Contact ESP Metal Products at 631.284.6383 or via email at with any questions regarding the design and installation of your pizza food shield display.

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