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September 25, 2018

Marketing & Promotion Ideas For Your Pizzeria

The American pizza industry is worth billions of dollars each year. When you own and operate an independent pizzeria, you have to be creative with your advertising strategies to compete against bigger restaurants and national pizza chains. You can stake your claim in the competitive pizza industry and bring in big profits by using these inventive marketing and promotion ideas for your pizzeria.

Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to save money and remember your restaurant for its low-priced deals.

Use a Professional Food Photographer

You want the food on your menu to be presented in the best way possible. The pictures of your pizza selections on your menu or website should be enticing to customers and make them want to visit your restaurant to give your food a try. Rather than take photos with your smartphone or camera or use an online stock photo, you can present a more accurate depiction of what your pizzas look like by hiring a professional food photographer. A food photographer will capture your pizzas in the best light possible and present them in a realistic and engaging manner on your menu or website. Your customers will know what the pizzas look like and will be satisfied when their food looks like how it is presented in the photograph.

Create Combination Package Deals

People today love to save money when going out for dinner. Rather than charge your customers for each item that they order, you could create combo packages that save them money on their favorite menu items. For example, you could offer a dinner for a family of four and charge a reasonable price for combo package items like a large pizza, four drinks, and bread sticks. The price you charge for this dinner package can be a few bucks less than what it would cost to buy each item separately. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to save money and remember your restaurant for its low-priced deals.

Offer Pizza by the Slice

Some customers do not want to buy a whole pizza pie. They would rather just buy one or two slices to save both time and money. You can market your pizzeria better if you offer pizza by the slice. You may not need to offer individual slices all day long. Perhaps you could offer them during the lunch hour rush or early afternoon hours. However, making available pizza by the slice can bring in a whole new clientele to your business and help you make profits during times of the day when business might otherwise be slow.

Set Up a Birthday Club

Customers also love to have their birthdays celebrated with money-saving deals. They do not want to pay full price for a meal on their birthdays. With that, you can promote your business and bring in more customers by setting up a birthday club. This club lets customers save money on pizza deals on their birthdays. You could perhaps offer half off a regular prize pizza on a customer’s birthday, for example, or offer a free side item like bread sticks or salad. You also could offer a flat percentage discount for people who order pizzas on their birthdays. Customers will want to come to your pizzeria on their birthdays because they know they can save money while enjoying their favorite menu items.

Run Creative Contests

When you want to carve out a niche for pizzeria in the local market, you may consider running creative contests that other pizzerias will find hard to beat. These inventive promotions can include offering pizza discounts for people who have unusual names or deals for clients who can demonstrate unusual talents like yodeling or riding a unicycle. These niche promotions engage your customers and allow them to have fun while competing for low prices at your pizzeria. They also will keep coming back because of how entertaining and challenging the pizza contests are.

Running a successful pizzeria calls for you to be creative in the way you compete against bigger restaurants and national chains. You want customers to recognize and prefer your pizzeria above all others. These creative marketing and promotion strategies can bring in a wider clientele and also advertise your pizza business in a way that lets you stay ahead of your competition in your local area.

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