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August 21, 2018

Should I Hire A Restaurant Or Bar Consultant?

Building a successful restaurant or bar can be a challenge if you fail to take an objective approach to the process. You may be so attached to your business that you cannot realize what is going well and what needs to be changed in order to succeed.

Even so, the idea of hiring a bar or restaurant consultant may not appeal to you because of what you may have witnessed in TV shows like Bar Rescue and Restaurant: Impossible. In fact, hiring a consultant for your establishment does not have to be as crazy or volatile as what is portrayed on television. Experienced bar and restaurant consultants can actually offer numerous benefits to business owners like you.

You must be open to change and allow the consultant full access to your bar or restaurant.

Experience in the Industry

One of the primary advantages you enjoy as a bar or restaurant owner when you bring in a consultant is a professional who has years of experience in the industry. In many cases, bar or restaurant owners set themselves up for failure right from the start simply because they themselves lack industry experience. They need an experienced voice to guide and advise them as they build their businesses.

You get that advice and guidance when you bring an experienced bar or restaurant consultant on board. This individual can help you create systems and processes for doing business that actually work.

He or she can also help you determine how to increase your superior profit margins as well as exceed your establishment’s current bottom line. For example, a consultant can show you how to analyze your business’s liquor costs to help you better control your expenses.

Assistance with Employee Training

Another advantage you enjoy when you bring in a consultant is the opportunity to create a new employee training program. This professional can create a training manual and program that will lead to a stronger bar tending staff.

Likewise, it will show new hires how to get up to speed with the more experienced staff members so your business is not disrupted by the addition of new wait staff, bartenders, bus boys, and other team members. The consultant can devise the program to explain simple processes while also defining the vision of the business as well as the expectations for and accountability of all staff members.

Professional Feedback

The consultant you bring on board to work with your bar or restaurant will be capable of giving you honest and objective feedback. This input will be coming from an experienced and successful industry insider. As such, it is crucial that you take the time to listen to what he or she has to say and take the feedback as it is intended.

This means you should avoid taking any criticism personally and instead constructively use the critiques to improve the way your establishment does business. You must be open to change and allow the consultant full access to your bar or restaurant.

Facilitate Growth

Finally, a bar or restaurant consultant can show you how to maintain or increase the current pace at which your establishment is doing business today. Many times, new bars or restaurants get off to a fantastic start and garner quite a bit of popularity with the public. After a few months, however, that newness wears off, and these businesses see an inexplicable decline in the number of customers who visit them each day.

A consultant can explain to you why your business might be experiencing a drop in customers and also show you what you need to do to pick up the pace again. He or she will be on hand to teach you how to promote growth right now as well as in the future for your bar or restaurant.

Similarly, the consultant will guide you in creating an atmosphere that is fresh and engaging for your targeted audience. This atmosphere will keep your customers happy and help prevent your business from falling into a rut again in the future.

Hiring a professional bar or restaurant consultant can be a wise investment if you want to increase both your profits and the number of customers who come into your establishment. You get an experienced individual who has a proven track record in the industry. You also benefit from the professional advice and critiques needed to expand your company in the future.

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