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February 19, 2019

Five Best Theme Restaurants in NYC

New York City is home to dozens of fun restaurants that play up on themes of all kinds.

New York City is home to some of the most high-end dining in the world. However, when you want to relax and enjoy yourself in a less formal setting, you might be interested in checking out any of the more informal and fun restaurants found here. These five themed restaurants should be at the top of your list during your next visit to New York City.

1. The Rabbithole Restaurant

The Rabbithole Restaurant, located at 352 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, is a quaint eatery that prides itself on its homemade menu selections. Housed in a remodeled building complete with exposed brick walls and fairy lighting, the restaurant offers a bar and formal dining area. It also has an outdoor garden where guests can enjoy their meals and drinks. Some of the menu items available at the Rabbithole Restaurant include lavender brioche, housemade taglliatelle, and a white bean veggie burger. Desserts range from a flourless chocolate cake with ganache to Earl Grey creme brulee. The restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch, and dinner and has a separate dessert menu.

2. House of Wax

If curiosities and quirkiness are more to your liking, you will want to check out House of Wax, found at 445 Albee Square in Brooklyn. House of Wax is actually a museum and cocktail bar in one. It offers live music performances during most of the week. However, aside from the performers and bands who perform here, House of Wax also draws in diners with its unusual wax statues, which are readily on display throughout the place. The statues feature life size and realistic displays of pathology and anthropology of all sorts. Guests can also get a closeup look of death masks taken from famous people throughout history. Even the menu at House of Wax plays up to the unusual statues on display. The cocktail menu, for example, is divided into three categories: Anatomicals, Pathologicals, and Geographicals. The cocktail bar also offers an extensive array of local and national beers as well as a limited snack menu that features fare like baked pretzels, fried pickles, and chips and queso.

3. Zombie Hut

Zombie Hut, found at 273 Smith Street, is a popular draw for people looking for a low-lit and relaxed place to hang out. This bar is decked out to look like a tropical hut and comes complete with tiki lighting and bamboo walls. To help patrons relax, the eatery offers a variety of board games they are welcome to play. There are also comfortable sofas and loungers available in the back of the restaurant. Guests give this place rave reviews for its laid back atmosphere and inexpensive drink menu. Some people even report being able to settle their bar tabs by winning a game of Rock Paper Scissors against the bartender.

4. Trailer Park Lounge

As its name implies, Trailer Park Lounge is a trailer park theme restaurant. It is decked out with cheesy decor and is situated inside of an actual vintage trailer home. This fun restaurant is found at 271 West 23rd in Chelsea. Trailer Park Lounge offers daily specials and has a happy hour with discounted menu prices from noon until 4:00 in the afternoon. Along with offering a wide menu of cocktails and beers, the eatery also offers lunch and dinner fare like burgers, nachos, chili, and hot dogs. There are also vegetarian offerings like mac and cheese and parmesan fries. Once you finish your meal, head to the souvenir shop to commemorate your meal at Trailer Park Lounge. Choose from items like cut off shorts and tee shirts. Also buy gift certificates for friends and family members whom you think would like to visit Trailer Park Lounge soon.

5. The Ship

If you are in the mood to visit one of the more upscale themed restaurants in New York, head to The Ship at 158 LaFayette Street in SoHo. This restaurant is a reservations-only establishment. It is decorated in nautical themes and is decked out with wooden floors and stairs throughout the place. On the menu, find dishes like salmon tartare spring rolls and slow-cooked octopus. The drink menu at The Ship features cocktails like Dark and Stormy, Moscow Mules, and French martinis. The Ship is also available for special events like wedding dinners or anniversary parties.

New York City is home to dozens of fun restaurants that play up on themes of all kinds. Some of these places are low-key and relaxed while others are more upscale and even require reservations. These five restaurants are some of the more popular to visit in New York City.

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