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May 08, 2018

Your Guide to Custom Overhead Bar Glass Racks

An overhead bar or glass rack is a quintessential fixture in any well-run bar or restaurant. It does more than just keep martini, wine, and other serving glasses out of the way. It also provides an element of visual appeal and sophistication that you may otherwise miss out on if you stored your glasses in cabinets or on counters.

As important as this fixture is, it makes sense that you would want to commission the creation of a glass or overhead bar rack that will be both serviceable and beautiful. You can custom order and design a rack just for your establishment from ESP Metal Products & Crafts today.

An overhead bar or glass rack can be a visual asset to your bar or restaurant.

Overhead Bar or Glass Rack Design

Before you place a custom order for your bar or restaurant’s custom overhead glass rack, you may want to learn more about typical designs found with them. A standard design for one of these fixtures can feature racks with a width of one inch. This amount of space provides the perfect slot for inserting the stems of wine and martini glasses.

However, the typical rack may also have slots that measure four inches in width, which is large enough to place glasses that have large bases or wide rings. They also accommodate serving glasses that have fat necks that cannot fit into the smaller one-inch slots. In some instances, you might need to custom order a rack to be made with custom channels that are spaced further apart if you have serving glasses with thick stems or glasses with very large diameters.

When it comes to the actual placement of your glass rack, you can have it mounted to the walls with shelves behind the bar. You can also have it mounted overhead from the ceiling. In some instances, however, you might find it better to have it mounted to the counter.

The bar or glass racks that are made with ball fittings or tubing that slides into the fittings are popularly attached in these locations. However, these sites may not be the ideal location for a bar or glass rack made with ball fittings that are custom cut and welded together by ESP Metal Products & Crafts.

Custom Order Options

When you partner with ESP Metal Products & Crafts, you can configure a custom overhead glass rack design that suits your style, budget, and the needs of the establishment. ESP Metal Products & Crafts can make single or multi-unit glass racks. It can also make racks that are all-welded or come with or without ball fittings.

Additionally, the company offers multi-color options for these racks including ones with brass fittings with colored tubing. This design gives the rack a two-tone dimensional appeal.

When you order your rack, however, you should keep in mind that its floor should be anywhere from 82 to 84 inches off the ground. This height will depend on how tall your bartender actually is, however. If the bartender or the glasses that you plan to hang from the rack are shorter, the posts on the rack may need to be custom ordered to have longer posts.

An overhead bar or glass rack can be a visual asset to your bar or restaurant. As one of the main focal points of the establishment, it needs to be both elegant and serviceable in design. You can get a rack that will be an asset to your business for years by placing a custom or standard rack order from ESP Metal Products today.

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