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June 05, 2018

Building the Ultimate Home Bar

Spending time at your favorite bar may be one of your favorite pastimes. However, it takes you away from home and can also take a toll on your pocketbook if you go out too frequently. Rather than leave home and spend money that you otherwise might prefer to save, you can get all of the enjoyments of going out for a drink by building your own bar in your home.

Building a home bar is easier and more fun than you might imagine. You can create a bar that you will be proud to welcome your friends and loved ones into by following some simple strategies during the project.

You can recreate the fun and excitement of the bar scene during such events by building a bar in your own home.

Why Build a Home Bar?

You might be wondering why you should build a bar in your own home in the first place? After all, what could a home bar possibly add to your home that you cannot find at your favorite restaurant or pub?

To start, adding a home bar can actually increase the value of your house. This additional feature is unique in and of itself and something that is not seen in most homes today. This curiosity will increase the home’s value and make your house more appealing to buyers if or when you decide to sell.

Second, a home bar gives you ample opportunity to relax and indulge in your favorite drinks with friends or family members without having to drive to a restaurant or tavern. You can spend time at home and avoid spending money on expensive drinks by mixing your favorite beverages at home.

Third, a home bar provides the perfect place to entertain guests on special occasions like birthdays or during the Super Bowl. You do not have to clear out the living room or retreat to your bedroom to watch the big game. You can recreate the fun and excitement of the bar scene during such events by building a bar in your own home.

Choosing the Location

Before you get started with the building process, you need to decide where in your house you would like to build the bar. Some of the more common choices in the home include the basement, a spare bedroom, or a corner of the living room or dining room that is not being used currently.

Regardless of the area you choose, you want to be sure it has access to plumbing as well as heat and air conditioning. These utilities ensure the health and safety of your home bar and also the comfort of your guests.

Furnishing the Home Bar

After you select the location, you can then go ahead and start adding the furnishings to it. You first might decide what kinds of tables you want to use in your home bar. The choice you make will depend on how much space you have in the area. If your home bar is located in a small corner of the living or dining room, you might do well to use small round tables and chairs.

However, if you have ample room in the basement, you could choose a long bar and several sets of bar stools. This furniture will allow you to serve several guest at a time without feeling crowded. You can also add separate tables and chairs for people who prefer not to sit at the bar.

You also should remember to include storage cabinets and a refrigerator and freezer in which to store beverages, ice, and other ingredients for drinks. You will also need a cabinet for your martini and wine glasses as well as your beer mugs.

Finally, you should make sure you have a good store of liquor and related ingredients on hand. You should start with a small collection of liquor and add to it once you know what your friends and loved ones like to drink. You should also remember to buy extra ingredients like olives, lemons, limes, salt, and others that are commonly used to make mixed drinks.

A home bar can add value and appeal to your home. You no longer have to leave home and spend a lot of money to enjoy your favorite drinks. Instead, you can invite friends and loved ones over to your place to indulge in beverages you make yourself in a bar that is inviting and comfortable in which to spend time.

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