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April 09, 2019

Best Waterfront Restaurants in Manhattan

These waterfront restaurants offer menus that feature local ingredients including locally caught seafood.

As the most famous borough in New York City, Manhattan is home to landmarks like the Empire State Building and Central Park. However, it is also the location of some of the best restaurants in the world including those that sit along the Hudson and East Rivers. When a trip to this borough is in your near future, be sure to visit these six best waterfront restaurants in Manhattan.


Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio’s Riverpark prides itself on its crafted hospitality and farm-to-table American cuisine. Located at 450 East 29th Street, Riverpark overlooks the East River. It boasts amenities including an outdoor patio that allows for panoramic views of the river, a beer garden, and private dining rooms. Riverpark opens at noon each day, and reservations are required. On its menu, guests can choose from fare like oysters, parsnip soup, roasted salmon, and braised chicken leg. The restaurant is also open for Sunday brunch and has a full bar menu as well.

Boat Basin Cafe

The Boat Basin Cafe, found on West 79th Street, is a seasonal restaurant that sits along the Hudson River. It opens each year in April and remains open during the spring, summer, and early fall months. It closes to the public for the winter. During the time it is open, the Boat Basin Cafe offers classic American fare like its black Angus burger and grilled chicken sandwich. It also has more upscale items on its menu like its salmon burger and grilled shrimp cocktail. This family-friendly restaurant has a kids’ menu as well as a full-service bar. It is also available for catering.

Pier 66 Maritime

Pier 66 Maritime is a seasonal cafe located on Pier 66 off West 26th Street on the Hudson River. It opens in April and welcomes the public through the spring and summer months. It closes in the late fall and remains closed during the winter. During the time it is open, Pier 66 Maritime offers a full lunch and dinner menu. It also has a special weekend menu as well as a full-service bar. The cafe itself is located on a former Lackawanna railroad barge called the Frying Pan. Tours of the barge are available to guests during the season. The cafe offers dining accommodations on both decks of the barge. Reservations are required for parties over 25 people.

Grand Banks

Grand Banks is an oyster bar located on the schooner Sherman Zwicker that is docked at Pier 25 in the Hudson River Park. It takes pride in offering a menu that consists of sustainable, wild-caught species as well as seasonal local fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It offers refined dishes that are presented in their simplest and most dynamic forms. As an oyster bar, Grand Banks makes it a priority to offer wild-caught oysters that are harvested on both the East and West coasts. It particularly focuses on offering oysters that are caught in the Atlantic waters off the coasts of New York City. All of Grand Bank’s dishes are created by executive chef Kerry Heffernan.


Miramar is a waterfront restaurant overlooking the Hudson River at 21 South End Avenue. It is open for lunch and dinner and offers a Mediterranean seafood menu. Some of the menu choices available to guests include portobello stuffed mushrooms, grilled octopus, jumbo lump crab cakes, and classic Greek salad. It also has a raw bar on which it offers oysters, clams, lobster tail, mussels, and crab meat. Along with inside dining accommodations, Miramar also has an outdoor dining area that offers panoramic views of the Hudson River.

City Vineyard

City Vineyard is located at 233 West Street off Pier 26 on the Hudson River. It functions as both a winery and restaurant. It also hosts live entertainment for which tickets can be purchased on its website. The restaurant area of City Vineyard is located at the top of the building and offers panoramic rooftop views of the Tribeca skyline as well as One World Trade. The restaurant offers a seasonal menu that includes fare like lobster, shrimp, crab, and oysters. Reservations are required to dine here. The restaurant offers spring and summer lunch, dinner, and brunch menus. It has a full-service bar as well as an extensive wine menu.

These six waterfront restaurants are among the best found in Manhattan. All of them offer menus that feature local ingredients including locally caught seafood. Add them to your list of places to visit during your next trip to the borough.

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