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November 13, 2018

Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in the U.S.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. These 10 pizza restaurants rank among the 10 best in the entire country.

When you are in search of a pizza that will leave you craving more, you should add these pizzerias to your list of restaurants to visit when you travel around the U.S.

Frank Pepe Pizzaria Napoletana

Frank Pepe Pizzaria Napoletana, located at 157 Wooster in New Haven, Connecticut, offers pizza by the pie or slice. Toppings range from sausage and pepperoni to goat mozzarella and gorganzola. This restaurant also offers a white clam pizza for which it is famous among New Englanders. If you cannot stop in to buy your favorite pizza, Frank Pepe welcomes online orders.

Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza is located at 1424 Avenue J in Brooklyn, New York. This restaurant has an eclectic pizza menu that includes white pizza and traditional pizza with toppings like spinach, mushrooms, sausage, and more. This pizzeria was established in 1965 and is run by the same family. They use recipes that come straight from Italy in their pizza menu.

Pizzeria Bianco

The American Southwest is not usually associated with fine Italian fare like pizza. However Pizzeria Bianco, found at 4743 N 20th in Phoenix, has made a name for itself for offering gourmet pizza that is unlike anything found elsewhere in Phoenix. Your choices range from panie bianco and pizzaeria bianco. The restaurant welcomes online orders for people who cannot stop in for a visit.

Pizzeria Mozza

Pizzeria Mozza, found at 641 N. Highland Avenue in Los Angeles, is famous for its pizzas made in wood-burning ovens and antipasta. This restaurant has an upscale yet relaxed look and is open for lunch and dinner. It also has sides like pasta and bread to complement your pizza dinner.


Roberta’s Pizza at 261 Moore Street in Brooklyn consistently makes the top rankings for the country’s best pizza. Modest in its appearance, Roberta’s offers an impressive array of homemade pizzas. Toppings range from traditional favorites like sausage and pepperoni to chicken and anchovies. The restaurant welcomes online and takeout orders as well.

Sally’s Apizza

Sally’s Apizza is found at 237 Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut. It is famed for its coal-fired, thin crust pizzas. It was founded in 1938 and still uses the same recipes that the original owners brought all the way over from Italy. It is named among the best pizzas in all of New England.


Motorino Pizza in New York City serves up traditional New York slices and whole pies. It uses wood-burning ovens in which to cook its pizzas. The restaurant, which is located at 349 East 12th in NYC, draws big crowds for lunch and dinner. People wanting to get a table are encouraged to go during times that are less busy.

Al Forno

Located at 577 South Water Street in Providence, Rhode Island, Al Forno serves up a pizza menu unlike any other found in the area. The restaurant uses ingredients grown and harvested in the area to create the restaurant’s memorable pizza dishes. It even offers a pumpkin pizza during the fall and winter season.

Modern Apizza New Haven

Modern Apizza at 874 State Street in New Haven is famed for its brick oven, thin crust ovens. The restaurant has a rustic, homey appearance and bright lighting with ample seating. It has been a New Haven staple since 1934 and offers gift certificates and tee shirts for fans of the eatery.


Totonno’s at 1524 Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn is another famous pizzeria that consistently ranks among the best in New York. This restaurant was voted a number one pizzeria by Food Network. It also has been in business for close to 100 years and uses the same recipes brought from Italy by the original family that owned and operated it. Totonno’s has a retro appearance and relaxed atmosphere that makes it a draw for tourists and locals alike.

These 10 American pizza restaurants top the list as being the best in the entire country. When you are in search of a pizza that will leave you craving more, you should add these pizzerias to your list of restaurants to visit when you travel around the U.S.

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