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September 26, 2017

7 of Manhattan’s Best Pizzerias

Manhattan is well-known for its unbeatable pizza slices. With the overwhelming amount of incredible options in this city, it can be difficult to determine which places truly own up to the “best pizza in New York” title that so many claim to hold. Below are seven of the top places to pick up a slice in the Manhattan area.

Joe’s Pizza

When a 14-time James Beard Award-winning journalist touts a slice of pizza, chances are it is the real deal. At Joe’s Pizza, you are guaranteed to find an authentic and delicious slice of thin-crust, street pizza. A New York staple since 1975, their slices have the perfect ratio of cheese to sauce, and the crust has just the right balance of softness and crunch. The Greenwich Village spot is a popular tourist destination, but local pizza purists flock to Joe’s as well. At $2.50 a slice, you will be hard-pressed to find a better bang for your buck.

Patsy’s Pizzeria is one of the most well-renown pizzarias in New York and is often featured as a must-try for anyone looking for an authentic NYC slice.

Valducci’s Pizza Truck

Valducci’s Pizza Truck began as a Staten Island pizzeria, but their “Original Famous Pizza” was so popular that they started a mobile business to serve the Manhattan and tri-state area. Parties, public events and company gatherings are Valducci’s specialty. Their most featured and popular dishes are the authentic Sicilian and Neapolitan pizzas, which utilize family recipes passed down for generations. This incredible company has a passion for serving the freshest produce, importing the finest ingredients and offering the best catering services for any event. When the mobile truck service isn’t catering to an event, it can be found servicing downtown.

Little Italy Pizza

Little Italy Pizza, located at 401 7th Avenue, sells slices or whole pies of unique and delicious pizza combinations. If you are looking for the most popular Little Italy pie, then you’ll want to order a “Grandma” slice. They also offer Sicilian slices, sausage, mushroom, baked ziti and chicken ricotta options. The unexpected spaghetti slice is topped with noodles, tomato sauce and fresh chunks of mozzarella. All pizzas are made on traditional triangular thin crust.

Scarr’s Pizza

Scarr’s amazing pan pies are served up in an old-fashioned, hip pizzeria style. Located at 22 Orchard Street, their off-grid vibe, bar stools and friendly atmosphere make this a stop a local favorite. One of Scarr’s most attractive aspects is that all of its ingredients are both 100 percent natural and high-quality. Their dough uses 100 percent stone milled flour, and the company doesn’t use any canned products. If you’re feeling up to more than just one slice, then go for the nine-inch personal pan pizzas.

Olio e Piú

If you thought pizza wasn’t made for fine dining, then think again. This traditional Italian restaurant, located at 3 Greenwich Avenue,is well-known for its unmatched hand-stretched dough and authentic atmosphere. Each pizza pie is hand-made and baked to perfection in a wood brick oven. The menu includes various pies like the loved “Tartufata” with mozzarella, white truffle pate, mushrooms and speck. They offer vegetarian pies and a gluten free crust. If you don’t want a specialty pie, then you can always build your own! On top of the amazing pie selection, the dining area features a large wood-fire oven and a patio decorated with flowers and greenery. Olio e Piú offers a pure Italian cuisine and select wines.

Patsy’s Pizzeria

Patsy’s Pizzeria is one of the most well-renown pizzarias in New York and is often featured as a must-try for anyone looking for an authentic NYC slice. This respected shop has been using the same recipes and East Harlem location since 1933. Their desirable classic pizza is made with a traditionally thin crust and topped with tomato, basil and mozzarella. They use a coal oven to fry each pie to perfection. Some of their notable pies include the famous “Patsy’s Pizza Alla Vodka” which contains creamy vodka sauce and grated mozzarella, the “Tre Formaggi” containing ricotta, parmesan, grated mozzarella and creamy vodka sauce, and the “Bolognese” stuffed with beef meatball, ricotta, fresh garlic, grated mozzarella.

Sal and Carmine’s Pizza

Authentic is the word most-used to describe the pizza and Sal and Carmine’s. A centerpiece of the Upper West Side, this old-fashioned pizzeria has been a favorite of New Yorker’s since the 1970’s. Local myth tells it that owners Sal and Carmine refuse to deliver their pizzas, for fear of damaging the delicate flavor profile. The crisp and bready crust and well-seasoned sauce keep locals craving the steaming hot slices.

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