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November 22, 2017

Best Italian Restaurants In Tribeca, New York

Tribeca is well-known as the richest precinct on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The New York neighborhood is easily considered one of the best places to live in the city due to very minimal crime rates, top-notch schools, waterfront access and unparalleled Italian cuisine. Below are seven of the most famous Italian restaurants in the Tribeca, New York area.

Tribeca, located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, has a many Italian restaurants, but these seven are among the best this posh New York region has to offer.

Tutto il Giorno

In 2006, Gianpaolo de Felice and David Mayer decided to create a restaurant at 14 Franklin Street that would bring authentic Southern Italy recipes to Tribeca. The duo’s determination to create such an establishment stemmed from dreams and cravings for Gianpaolo’s Neapolitan mother’s amazing homecooked meals. Tutto il Giorno is best known for its amazing ambiance, top-quality meals and gracious service. Customer favorites include the octopus, ricotta cheesecake, tres leeches ice cream and biscotti and tuna tartar.

Scalini Fedeli

Since TriBeCa is famous for its lighthearted elitism, Scalini Fedeli, on 165 Duane Street, is a favorite among both locals and visitors. This upscale restaurant is known for their exceptional standards, extreme popularity and flawless French-infused Italian cuisine. Lunch is only served a la carte, and dinner consists of either three or seven courses. The attentive staff, upscale décor and unbelievable courses are what this restaurant is known best for.

Gigino Trattoria

Gigino Trattoria is situated right in the heart of Tribeca on 323 Greenwich Street. Bob Giraldi and Phil Suarez opened the restaurant in 1994 with the vision of creating authentic house-made breads and pastas. Gigino Trattoria has an extensive wine list, daily specials and seasonally fresh seafood options. Known for the best pizza in Tribeca, reasonable prices and great service, Gigino Trattoria is always highly rated by customers who visit the Italian restaurant. Dinners are served with three courses, and recommended dishes include the spaghetti del padrino and melanzane sorrentina.


Babbo, at 10 Waverly Place, was opened in 1998 by Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali. The duo envisioned creating a traditional Italian restaurant that would utilize only the best and freshest ingredients. This restaurant is known for its dedication to food quality and predominantly sources from organic local farmers. Babbo has received several well-deserved honors and awards throughout its years in the Italian restaurant business, and they are most known for their pasta, grilled octopus, linguine with clams and homemade orecchiette with sweet sausage and Rapini. They even offer an $85 pasta tasting experience.

Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde is most well-known for its famous Italian dishes, lively scenes and long reservation lists. This hot spot, located at 377 Greenwich Street, is frequented by some of the nation’s most famous celebrities including Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osbourne, Selena Gomez and more. The restaurant is always busy, but the waitstaff are prepared to make each guest’s visit enjoyable. Some of their more notable menu items include Sheep’s Milk Ricotta with sea salt and herbs, blue crabs, lamb meatball sliders, ravioli and lamb sandwich.

Terroir Tribeca

Terroir Tribeca, on 24 Harrison Street, is a wine bar that serves up some of the most iconic meatballs in Tribeca. They are known for their notable meatball sandwich, sage leaves with lamb sausage, Crispy Duck Confit Salad and Oxtail Risotto Balls. Owners Marco Canora and Paul Grieco designed the wine bar after initially attempting to create a full-scale Italian restaurant. The duo decided that they preferred to create a wine bar that served up iconic Italian favorites paired with an unparalleled wine selection.


Pepolino is known for its authentic, traditional and simple Italian dishes which have been prepared to delight each guest since it’s opening on 281 West Broadway in 1999. The restaurant’s name stems from a variety of thyme that grows in Tuscany, and the name choice reflects the owner’s commitment to cooking with fresh, Italian herbs. Customers rave about Pepolino’s ricotta cheesecake, tomato flan, calamari appetizers, squid ink pasta and spicy calamari stew. The beautiful restaurant overlooks the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower giving guests a great view while they dine.

Tribeca, the triangle below canal street, has a wide-variety of Italian restaurants to choose from, but these seven are a notch above the rest. Whether you’re searching for authentic Italian pizza pie or fresh, seasonal seafood, Tribeca, New York has what you’re looking for.

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