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December 18, 2018

7 Best Apps For Bar Owners & Bar Managers

Managing a successful bar calls for you to oversee dozens of different tasks each day. When you want to stay on top or ahead of these obligations, you can simplify your job by using bar management mobile apps. These seven mobile apps can make managing your bar easier and more efficient while also attracting more customers to your establishment.

These seven mobile apps can make managing your bar easier and more efficient while also attracting more customers.


Partender is a bar management app that is designed to minimize or eliminate loss of revenue because of overpours or mismanagement of your liquor inventory. To use this app, you simply tap on the virtual bottle to indicate where the level of alcohol is for each bottle in your inventory. The app accurately calculates how much liquor you have on hand. It eliminates the need for you to take inventory by hand on hand. It also lets you keep an accurate count of your inventory and save money at the same time. Bar managers who have used this app report saving as much as $10,000 on lost inventory.


TVT (which is short for Taffer Virtual Teaching) is an app designed and marketed by Jon Taffer — the outspoken and often loud expert bar consultant from the reality show Bar Rescue. It offers dozens of instant lessons that you can access on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. These state-of-the-art virtual lessons teach you most of what you need to know to manage a busy and successful bar. Some of the lessons are also geared toward your employees to teach them how to provide the best customer service to your bar’s patrons. The videos are available 24 hours day, 365 days a year. The app is designed to increase your revenue by up to forty-four percent over the course of ten weeks.

Bar HQ

Bar HQ is another bar management app designed and marketed by Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer. It’s designed to streamline your bar’s management processes and increase your profits by integrating the most important aspects of running and managing a successful bar. For example, you can access tools for real-time bar management as well as staffing, training, and internal communications. The mobile app also keeps track of your bar’s sales and growth data while letting you oversee your employees’ schedules. You can manage time off requests and schedule and push bar promotions on your bar’s social media pages all with the touch of a button the mobile app.

Bev Spot

Bev Spot is a management app that is designed to help you keep track of your bar’s inventory and spending. Its primary functions are for managing inventory, ordering, and invoicing. These functions are designed to make your bar more profitable and eliminate inventory waste and overspending. It also has a blog that you can check out that contains lots of information about running and managing a successful bar.

Tap Hunter

The Tap Hunter mobile app is designed to manage and market your bar’s beverage program. With this app, you can create digital and print menus for your establishment. You can make these menus available on your website as well at your brick and mortar location. The app also allows you to attract customers to your bar with alerts on your bar’s social media pages. With the Tap Hunter app, you can create an engaging experience for your customers that will entice them to come back to your bar in the future.


The Mixology app is designed to create drink specials for your bar. To use this app, you input specific ingredients that you have on hand in your establishment. The app then suggests a variety of recipes based on the ingredients you list in it. You can also search for recipes based on multiple ingredients at any given time. The app will present the most compatible results based on your input. This app is designed to get your customers excited about your bar’s drink specials and create a drink menu that will increase your bar’s revenue.

Bar and Club Stats

The Bar and Club Stats mobile app allows you to minimize or eliminate the risk of serving underage drinkers. To use the mobile app, simply scan patrons’ IDs at the door. The mobile app will give you accurate answers about whether or not patrons are old enough to get into the bar and order drinks. With this app, you can eliminate expensive fines for serving underage customers. It allows you to get the peace of mind you need to spare your bar’s reputation and legal standing in the community.

These bar management apps simplify your daily routine and make running your bar easier and more convenient. They are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With them, you can attract more customers and increase the money you bring into your bar.

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