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March 27, 2018

Backyard Bar Shed Ideas

The day of the man cave may soon be coming to an end as more homeowners are becoming aware of backyard bar sheds. This newest trend combines the best ideas of the outdoor living room and kitchen to create a space that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Build your ideal backyard bar shed by incorporating these helpful strategies in the design and creation process.

The backyard bar shed is the new must-have trend among homeowners today.

Check with Your Insurance Agent

First Before you start the backyard bar shed process, you first should check in with your insurance agent to make sure that your current policy will cover any liability. If your existing policy will not pay for accidents or incidences that might occur in or around the shed, you may need to upgrade or change the policy. You also should ask your agent if your existing policy insures the shed itself and will cover events like fires or storm damages to it.

Secure an Outbuilding

The next logical step in the building process is to identify what outbuilding on your property you want to use for your backyard bar shed. If you do not have a shed, you can find a relatively affordable one at your local big box home improvement store. If you already have a shed, you should take some time to figure out how you can transform it into the backyard bar shed of your dreams.

This step may call for you to clean out belongings that you have had stashed in there for years. You also may need to find a new place to store all of the lawn equipment, Christmas decorations, or other items that have been housed in the shed. After you clean out the shed, you can move onto the next step of transforming into a backyard bar.

Relocate the Shed if Necessary

Depending on where the shed is located in your backyard, you might need to relocate it to a different spot. For example, if it is too close to a bedroom window, you may want to move it so that any noise from the bar does not keep awake the occupants of the bedroom.

Likewise, you may want to move the shed if it is too close to a neighbor’s property line or it is out of the way and not easy for you and your friends to access. As you prepare to move the shed, you should think about both convenience and practicality before selecting its new location.

Wire it for Electricity

Most backyard sheds do not come with electricity in them. You may need to hire an electrical contractor to wire the shed for both electricity and electrical outlets.

It is important for the sake of safety that you do not attempt this task unless you are qualified for and trained in how to wire an outbuilding for electricity. If you make a mistake, overlook important safety requirements, or simply rely on an extension cord running from the house to the shed for your power you could increase the risk for fires, electrocutions, or other hazards.

Decorate Your Backyard Bar Shed

Finally, after you have handled the practical aspects of building a backyard bar shed, you should finish off the project by decorating it. You first want to make sure it has all of the necessities needed for enjoying a backyard bar. These fixtures include:

These fixtures are necessary for being able to fix drinks and make snacks for you and your friends to enjoy in the backyard bar shed.

You also want to decorate it to make it more pleasant in which to spend time relaxing and having fun. You can choose from among themes like sports, tropical beach, racing, or any idea that you prefer. Of course, it would not out of the question for ladies to make this space into a she shed of sorts, complete with their favorite decorations and alcoholic beverages.

Last, what would a good backyard bar shed be without a little bit of music? You will want to remember to bring along a radio, CD player, or other device on which to listen to your favorite tunes while serving up drinks in your new backyard bar shed. If your budget allows, an outdoor speaker system is an upgraded way to incorporate music into your backyard bar shed experience.

The backyard bar shed is the new must-have trend among homeowners today. You can create an ideal space to serve up drinks to your friends and neighbors by using these simple tips to transform an ordinary shed into a fun and festive backyard bar shed today.

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