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January 01, 2019

5 Biggest Restaurant Management Mistakes To Avoid

The manner in which you manage your restaurant greatly influences its profitability and success. Your ultimate goal of course is to keep the doors of your establishment open and entice customers with delicious food and an engaging atmosphere. With that in mind, you can increase your revenue and bring customers into your business by avoiding these five common restaurant management mistakes.

Increase your revenue and bring customers into your business by avoiding these five common restaurant management mistakes.

Failing to Provide Sufficient Staff Training

The staff you employ are crucial to how well you can meet the needs of your customers. Without knowledgeable and friendly staff, your restaurant would flounder and eventually die as customers are turned away because of lack of quality service.

To ensure you are providing the best level of service to your restaurant’s customers, you must provide consistent and regular training to your staff. Along with initial new hire training, you need to offer refresher training on a weekly or perhaps even daily basis. You can make this training available with online courses, pre-shift meetings, or on-the-job mentoring.

By keeping your staff well-trained and knowledgeable, you guarantee the high level of service you want your customers to enjoy. You also provide the basis for bringing in steady revenue and outdoing your competition.

Excessive Multitasking

You may believe that restaurant managers must be as hands-on as possible. However, one of the most detrimental restaurant management mistakes you can make is being too hands-on and failing to delegate authority.

In fact, while multitasking is supposed to be an admired job skill in today’s business world, it can also cause managers like you to quickly become overwhelmed and overworked. Rather than frazzle your nerves and becoming a less effective manager as a result, you should hand off tasks to qualified staff members whom you trust to act in your stead.

Before you outsource tasks to supervisors, crew leaders, and others, you should make sure they have the tools and resources needed to perform their jobs. You can then lessen your daily burden and more effectively manage your restaurant.

Failing to Protect Food Safety and Quality

Restaurant managers like you tend to be busy all day long. You rely on your staff to maintain the quality and safety of the food your restaurant serves.

When you want to make their jobs easier, you can install practical food safety fixtures like shields over kitchen prep areas, buffet lines, and other places in your restaurants. These food safety shields adhere to food safety guidelines and standards and also guarantee that contaminants do not get into the food you are preparing or serving.

Overstuffing the Menu

You want your customers to have a wide selection of food from which to choose on the menu. Even so, you should avoid the mistake of overstuffing the menu, which can cause customers to feel confused and overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available to them.

You can avoid overstuffing the menus of your restaurant by narrowing the selection in each category to six or seven choices. By limiting the number of selections, you can actually increase sales and make ordering easier and faster for your customers. You can maintain the variety of your menu by offering extras and add-ons to the most popular dishes listed on the menu.

Failing to Stay Open Late

Statistics show that restaurants that close earlier than 9:00 at night fail to be as profitable and successful as eateries that maintain later hours. In fact, closing early not only hurts your sales. It also alienates an entire customer base, namely millennials, that can boost your revenue and make your restaurant more popular than your competition.

If you worry about the added labor costs that come with staying open late, you could lower them by offering late night happy hours. These late night specials not only will keep your costs as low as possible. It will also attract a crowd of people that can include millennials who prefer not to cook and eat at home as well as people who work late and need a place to get a meal after work.

These five common restaurant management mistakes can compromise your profits and jeopardize the future of your restaurant. By avoiding them, you could put your restaurant on a path toward popularity and success. You also can become a more effective manager to the staff you employ.

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